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The Latina and Latino Studies Program is proud to offer both a major and a minor. The major and minor will expose students to the intellectual, methodological, and disciplinary traditions in Latina/o Studies. Additionally, the major and minor will also ask students to engage in comparative analysis through coursework in Asian American Studies and African American Studies.

A unique feature of the Latina and Latino Studies major asks students to engage in immersive learning. By this we mean learning that in some form asks students to be deeply engaged in ways not typically considered in the classroom. Some examples might include activist work in and with Latina/o communities; internships related to Latinas/os; a study abroad in relevant countries; embodying or creating Latina/os expressive culture through a series of dance or theatre courses offered here at NU; Chicago Field Studies internships in related sites; a senior thesis or its equivalent on a topic within Latina/o Studies scholarship. In some cases, students will not be earning specific credit toward graduation for their immersion experiences (such a service-learning, volunteering, activism) while in other cases they may be (such as study abroad, Chicago Field Studies, independent studies that leads to a senior thesis).

Major in Latina and Latino Studies

16 quarter-courses selected in consultation with the program director from the approved list of Latina/o studies related courses. In addition to the course work, students will complete an ‘immersion’ experience related to Latina/os.

Related courses

Four courses chosen with the consent of the program director, typically drawn from Latin American and Caribbean Studies, English, Anthropology, History, Sociology, Economics, Gender Studies, Performance Studies, Theatre, American Studies. One course must have gender and/or sexuality analysis as a central focus. At least two courses must be at the 300 level.

Immersion component

This requirement calls for some immersion experience with Latina/o communities in the US or a Latina/o transnational counterpart. Any immersion experience must gain prior approval from the program director. Courses that satisfy this component may double count with elective and required courses. Some examples of an immersion component might include, but are not limited to, the following:

Minor in Latina and Latino Studies

Six quarter-courses selected in consultation with the program director and drawn from the approved list of courses related to Latina/os.

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