LLSP Professor, Alejandro E. Carrion named to the 2018-2019 Associated Student Government Faculty and Administrator Honor Roll

November 8, 2018

Please join us in congratulating Prof. Alejandro Carrion. He just received an AGS faculty honor roll recognition for his dynamic teaching this past year. He was nominated for his work in Latina/o Studies 392: Decolonizing Education. Felicidades, Prof. Carrion!

LLSP Major, Isabella Soto to Present at VIII Biennial Dominican Studies Conference

October 5, 2018

Congratulations to our LLS major, Isabella Soto, for having her proposal accepted in the VIII Biennial Dominican Studies Conference to be held in the Bronx, NY, in November 2018. Isabella will be presenting her work in progress regarding the Dominican community in McAllen, Texas. Bravo, Isabella!

Congratulations to LLSP Professor, Hector Carrillo

June 29, 2018

Professor Carrillo's book, Pathways of Desire: The Sexual Migration of Mexican Gay Men has been selected to receive the following two awards at the upcoming American Sociological Association Meeting in August:

  • Latina/o Sociology Section Distinguished Contribution to Research Book Award
  • Section on Sex and Gender Distinguished Book Award.

 LLSP Professor Gerry Cadava receives Community Building Award

June 6, 2018

Please join us in congratulating LLSP Professor Gerry Cadava. He received the Community Building Award from Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences!

Northwestern Summit Promotes Research Impact And Engagement

Feb 16, 2018

Kudos to Alejandro Carrion for being highlighted in this article for the YPAR project with ETHS and the impact it has on all our students.

Hurricane Maria survivors talk future of Puerto Rico

Feb 16, 2018

Hurricane Maria survivor Veronica Davila said when her house flooded during the hurricane, “the darkness (was) so deep, no one could tell how much water there was.” Davila and Javier Valentin Feliciano, both residents of Puerto Rico, spoke in Kresge Hall on Thursday about their experience during Hurricane Maria and its aftermath, Feliciano lost his sister, Maria Valentin Feliciano, in the hurricane and dedicated his presentation to her and policeman Angel Lorenzo-Gonzalez, who also died.

Letter to the Editor: AASP and LLSP directors back departmental status campaign

Feb 13, 2018

As individual faculty members who are also directors of the Asian American Studies Program and the Latina and Latino Studies Program, we write to express our support for the “To Be Departments” campaign. This campaign, organized by the Latinx Asian American Collective, includes a petition with over 1,100 signatories in favor of the development of an Asian American Studies Department and a Latinx Studies Department. We endorse such departmentalization as a way to address the chronic challenges we face as a result of our status as programs that inhibit the sustainability and growth of our vibrant fields.

The Spectrum: Learning to love Northwestern as a multiethnic woman

Feb 11, 2018

Being a student at Northwestern felt isolating for a very long time. To start, no one looked like me. I had dark skin, Asian eyes and a culture that was unrelatable to many other people around me. I am half Honduran (Hispanic descent) and half Filipino (Asian descent). My first impressions of other NU students’ cultural awareness were often shaped by questions like, “You look so exotic, what are you?” and “Are you Mexican?” These questions felt representative of NU —  some students had great exposure to other cultures and ethnicities, but many others clearly did not. My intention is not to paint any students as ignorant — that word creates an image of being set in stone. I also cannot speak to another individual’s experience, nor am I trying to, but I only ask that you respect how I process people and their interactions with me.

Petition for Latinx, Asian American Studies departments exceeds goal after social media pushes

Feb 11, 2018

A petition to make the Latina and Latino Studies Program and the Asian American Studies Program departments has exceeded its goal of 1,000 signatures, after students and Associated Student Government showed their support on social media.

Salvadoran writer talks relationships, identity at poetry performance

Feb 9, 2018

When Los Angeles-born Salvadoran poet Yesika Salgado spoke and performed her work at Northwestern on Thursday, she said she was happy to see her fans from across Chicago gathering in Harris Hall. While it is important to speak at institutions like NU, Salgado said it is also important for her art to be accessible.

In fight for department status, LLSP, AASP students stress importance of ethnic studies

Feb 4, 2018

Justine Kim had lived as a racial minority her entire life — her hometown of Glenview, Illinois, is more than three-quarters white. Fearing that she wouldn’t be accepted, she did not often express her Korean identity. So after gaining acceptance to Northwestern, she didn’t consider what her experience would be like as a Korean American at a school made up of many more non-white students.

MEChA, APAC members push for department status for ethnic studies

Jan 30, 2018

MEChA de Northwestern and the Asian Pacific American Coalition are leading a campaign for department status for two of the University’s largest ethnic studies programs.Working together as the Latinx Asian American Collective, the student groups published a proposal last week urging the establishment of the Latina and Latino and Asian American Studies Programs as departments. As of Tuesday night, about 165 students had signed an online petition in support of the proposal.

NU community supports Mexico, Puerto Rico following natural disasters

Oct. 10, 2017

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last month, second-year graduate student and Puerto Rico native Zorimar Rivera Montes said she went a week before hearing from her family. “I wasn’t able to contact them to know if they were OK or alive,” Rivera Montes said. “For me, it’s been a very distressing situation.” Weeks after the storm, Rivera Montes said communications are still “inconsistent and erratic,” adding that her family — along with many others in Puerto Rico — is without electricity or running water.


Rising up in the Face of Adversity

Oct 9, 2017

Actor, author and activist Diane Guerrero visits Northwestern to share her family’s story of immigration and deportation. In the midst of the heated national debate over immigration, actress, author and activist Diane Guerrero arrived at Northwestern University on Oct. 3 to provide the keynote talk for the University’s Latinx Heritage Month.

Diane Guerrero Actor | Author | Activist shares her experience w/immigration policy, mental health

Oct 4, 2017

“Orange is the New Black” actress Diane Guerrero began her speech Tuesday night by calling attention to those affected by natural disasters in Latin America, the Caribbean and the southern United States as well as the “unnatural disaster” in Las Vegas.

Diane Guerrero urges Chicago area Latinx youth to confront depression and anxiety

Oct 3, 2017

As a daughter of deported parents, Hollywood star, Diane Guerrero, 29, spoke “for and to all the shadow children, the kids that split between the cracks,” she said during a talk at Northwestern University as part of their Latinx History Month celebration on October 3.


Helping Our Students in Puerto Rico

Oct 1, 2017

LLSP Community member, Graduate student Verónica Dávila is in Puerto Rico with her family. Her family has been hard hit by the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese has started a GoFundMe for Veronica and her family. We encourage you to contribute and to share the link far and wide. The web address for the campaign is Donations of any amount are welcome… big or small, everything counts! 

LLSP congratulates Prof. Jaime Dominguez on his Promotion to Assistant Professor of Instruction

Please join us in congratulating Jaime Dominguez on his promotion to Assistant Professor of Instruction. Great job, Jaime! We are honored to have you with us in LLSP.

Congratulations to LLSP Major, Fatima Gomez!

Our graduating senior, Fatima Gomez, who is a double major in English and Latinx Studies, has been admitted to the Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Society. Please join me in congratulating her on her achievements! 

The Latina and Latino Studies Program Welcomes Professor Elvia Mendoza as our Visiting Assistant Professor for 2017-2019.

Elvia's scholarship on violence, memory, race and sexuality, and her expertise in producing documentaries for social justice, will enhance our curricular offerings. We look forward to working with her as she teaches and advises our majors and minors. Bienvenida, Elvia!

LLSP Professor Selected as a Kaplan Institute for the Humanities Faculty Fellow for 2017-18

Congratulations to Professor Emily Maguire for having been selected as a Kaplan Institute for the Humanities Faculty Fellow for 2017-18!

LLSP Professor Receives Newberry Library Research Fellowship for part of 2017-18

Congratulations to Professor John Marquez for having received a Newberry Library Research Fellowship for part of 2017-18!

Past News

  • LLSP Faculty Part of 2016-2017 Fellows for the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities. LLSP congratulates Hector Carrillo and John Alba Cutler, for receiving a Kaplan Faculty fellowship for next academic year!

  • LLSP Alumnae Admitted into Garrett Theological Seminary's Graduate Program. Please join us in congratulating our alumnae, Maria Alejandra Salazar, 2011, for being admitted to the Garrett Theological Seminary's graduate program and awarded a Latina/o Leadership Scholarship.  We wish Maria the best as she embarks in this new journey in her life!  
  • Current LLSP Majors, Fatima Gomez Receives Approval to Pursue Interdisciplinary Honors in English-Creative Writing and Latina/o Studies. Congratulations Fatima! We are very proud of you! 
  • Future LLSP Faculty Wins the American Sociological Association 2016 Best Dissertation Award. LLSP Congratulates Ford Fellow Michael Rodriguez-Muniz for winning the American Sociological Association 2016 Best Dissertation Award for his dissertation titled, “Temporal Politics of the Future: National Latino Civil Rights Advocacy, Demographic Statistics, and the “Browning” of America.
  • LLSP Professor Receives Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award for 2015-16. We congratulate Professor Hector Carrillo for receiving a Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award for 2015-16. His contributions to undergraduate and graduate teaching in Sociology, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Latina and Latino Studies are invaluable!


  • PAST IMPERFECTIn this "RESEARCH" article, LLSP Prof. John Alba Cutler and other Northwestern scholars help reveal, remember, and give voice to those whose history and achievements might otherwise be forgotten.


  • Laurell Hill Elementary Visits NU. The Latina and Latino Studies Program hosted 70 third grade students and their teachers from the Laurel Hill Elementary School in Hanover Park for a visit to our campus. On September 30, 2015, the students walked around South Campus, the library, Norris Student Center, and the lakefront learning about the university and its academic fields.  They had lunch and asked great questions about university life. Many of them left stating that they wanted to come to Northwestern for college. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to show most of them for the first time what a university looks like and what we do here.  It is never too early to begin to get young Mexican and Latino/a students to consider higher education.
  • We would like to congratulate Carlos Ballinas, our Program Assistant, for recently being awarded the Meteor Award for Excellence in a New Position. This award is presented to staff members who have achieved excellence in a short period of time in their new position in the College and who display initiative, adaptability, resourcefulness, and efficiency. Join us in thanking Carlos for the extraordinary support he provided both for the Bracero Exhibit, "Bittersweet Harvest", as well as for the Imagining Latina/o Studies Conference held in July.
  • Please join us in congratulating John Alba Cutler, who has received a Humanities Without Walls Global Midwest Initiative grant for his project “Toward a Global Midwest Digital Archive of 1960s and 70s Poetry and Print Culture.”
  • We are very pleased to announce that LLSP Prof. Ana Aparicio has been selected for a 2014-15 Fellowship from the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities. Prof. Aparicio will be working on her project: “Brown Picket Fences: Latinos, Immigrants, and the Transformation of the American Suburb.” Please join us in congratulating her.
  • We are very pleased to announce that History & LLSP Prof.Gerry Cadava's book, Standing on Common Ground, has received the prestigious Frederick Jackson Turner Award in History from the Organization of American Historians. Please join us in congratulating him.
  • "Bittersweet Harvest" has been featured in the following publications:
  • Congratulations Professor John Marquez for his publication in The Latino Studies Journal. Click here
  • Congratulations to Professor Geraldo L. Cadava for his op-ed article in the New York Times! Click here.
  • John D. Marquez, Assistant Professor, African American Studies and Latina/o Studies published in the September 2012 volume of the American Quarterly, the journal of the American Studies Association. The article is entitled "The Black Mohicans:  Representations of Everyday Violence in Postracial Urban America,"( pp. 625-651). Focuses on the urban violence that has killed so many young black and Latino men in Chicago.