The Latina and Latino Studies Program Welcomes Professor Elvia Mendoza as our Visiting Assistant Professor for 2017-2019.

Elvia's scholarship on violence, memory, race and sexuality, and her expertise in producing documentaries for social justice, will enhance our curricular offerings. We look forward to working with her as she teaches and advises our majors and minors. Bienvenida, Elvia!

LLSP Professor Selected as a Kaplan Institute for the Humanities Faculty Fellow for 2017-18

Congratulations to Professor Emily Maguire for having been selected as a Kaplan Institute for the Humanities Faculty Fellow for 2017-18!

LLSP Professor Receives Newberry Library Research Fellowship for part of 2017-18

Congratulations to Professor John Marquez for having received a Newberry Library Research Fellowship for part of 2017-18!

Past News

  • LLSP Faculty Part of 2016-2017 Fellows for the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities. LLSP congratulates Hector Carrillo and John Alba Cutler, for receiving a Kaplan Faculty fellowship for next academic year!

  • LLSP Alumnae Admitted into Garrett Theological Seminary's Graduate Program. Please join us in congratulating our alumnae, Maria Alejandra Salazar, 2011, for being admitted to the Garrett Theological Seminary's graduate program and awarded a Latina/o Leadership Scholarship.  We wish Maria the best as she embarks in this new journey in her life!  
  • Current LLSP Majors, Fatima Gomez Receives Approval to Pursue Interdisicplinary Honors in English-Creative Writing and Latina/o Studies. Congratulations Fatima! We are very proud of you! 
  • Future LLSP Faculty Wins the American Sociological Association 2016 Best Dissertation Award. LLSP Congratulates Ford Fellow Michael Rodriguez-Muniz for winning the American Sociological Association 2016 Best Dissertation Award for his dissertation titled, “Temporal Politics of the Future: National Latino Civil Rights Advocacy, Demographic Statistics, and the “Browning” of America.
  • LLSP Professor Receives Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award for 2015-16. We congratulate Professor Hector Carrillo for receiving a Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award for 2015-16. His contributions to undergraduate and graduate teaching in Sociology, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Latina and Latino Studies are invaluable!


  • PAST IMPERFECTIn this "RESEARCH" article, LLSP Prof. John Alba Cutler and other Northwestern scholars help reveal, remember, and give voice to those whose history and achievements might otherwise be forgotten.


  • Laurell Hill Elementary Visits NU. The Latina and Latino Studies Program hosted 70 third grade students and their teachers from the Laurel Hill Elementary School in Hanover Park for a visit to our campus. On September 30, 2015, the students walked around South Campus, the library, Norris Student Center, and the lakefront learning about the university and its academic fields.  They had lunch and asked great questions about university life. Many of them left stating that they wanted to come to Northwestern for college. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to show most of them for the first time what a university looks like and what we do here.  It is never too early to begin to get young Mexican and Latino/a students to consider higher education.
  • We would like to congratulate Carlos Ballinas, our Program Assistant, for recently being awarded the Meteor Award for Excellence in a New Position. This award is presented to staff members who have achieved excellence in a short period of time in their new position in the College and who display initiative, adaptability, resourcefulness, and efficiency. Join us in thanking Carlos for the extraordinary support he provided both for the Bracero Exhibit, "Bittersweet Harvest", as well as for the Imagining Latina/o Studies Conference held in July.
  • Please join us in congratulating John Alba Cutler, who has received a Humanities Without Walls Global Midwest Initiative grant for his project “Toward a Global Midwest Digital Archive of 1960s and 70s Poetry and Print Culture.”
  • We are very pleased to announce that LLSP Prof. Ana Aparicio has been selected for a 2014-15 Fellowship from the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities. Prof. Aparicio will be working on her project: “Brown Picket Fences: Latinos, Immigrants, and the Transformation of the American Suburb.” Please join us in congratulating her.
  • We are very pleased to announce that History & LLSP Prof.Gerry Cadava's book, Standing on Common Ground, has received the prestigious Frederick Jackson Turner Award in History from the Organization of American Historians. Please join us in congratulating him.
  • "Bittersweet Harvest" has been featured in the following publications:
  • Congratulations Professor John Marquez for his publication in The Latino Studies Journal. Click here
  • Congratulations to Professor Geraldo L. Cadava for his op-ed article in the New York Times! Click here.
  • John D. Marquez, Assistant Professor, African American Studies and Latina/o Studies published in the September 2012 volume of the American Quarterly, the journal of the American Studies Association. The article is entitled "The Black Mohicans:  Representations  of Everyday Violence in Postracial Urban America,"( pp. 625-651). Focuses on the urban violence that has killed so many young black and latino men in Chicago.